Our Business

Paper Import
Paper mostly manufactured    from mechanical pulp mainly      for newspaper.


Waste Paper Export
Consists of coated magazines, catalogues, mixed office       waste but shredded for     security or privacy reosons.


Providing chemicals for    Plywood, Newsprint, and Agricultural Industry.

Cattle Stations
The cattle in kiana is raised      and fed by naturally grown grass/pasture in a green and clean environment in Australia.


Oceanic Multitrading Pty. Ltd. founded in 1992 by Mr. Nisin Sunito
In addition to his daily duties, he is also a committee member of NSW-Asia Business Advisory Council,
which it's main function is to promote every opportunity for NSW base businesses of gaining export market share into south east Asia region, and in particularly into Indonesia.

After overcoming various challenges, Oceanic Multitrading is involved in exporting waste paper to   Indonesia which is processed by PT Aspex into fully environmentally friendly  Newsprint.                  In return  Oceanic Multitrading import Newsprint back into the Australia,
New Zealand and South Africa.
 The total of paper  import and export is more than 100.000 tons annually.
The product is well received and endorsed by major international publishers in Australia and NZ.

In order to further expand our business interest, we have formed a number of specialist business   divisions within the company. Each division operates in a high degree of autonomy and client   relationship, and at the same time complements these divisions within the group.

Oceanic Multitrading has grown into an International trading company and is known by its diverse   operations which include:
Chemical,Wood products, Property investment and its latest venture of Live Cattle.

We are committed to find the best possible product for our clients. With the support of our very   professional team, Oceanic Multitrading will continue to grow and expand our business interest for   years to come.

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